Saturday, 4 February 2017

Economics for Beginners - My Kindle Book is available now

My book on economics for high school and pre-university students is designed with an objective of explaining all the basic concepts that need to be understood by the Economics students in developing a solid foundation for their higher studies in that field.

This book is also very useful for new start-up businesses in understanding all economic and human behavior features and factors that govern the market conditions of any economy. By keeping a basic knowledge of the features and conditions of the market, they can adopt suitable techniques in developing and maintaining their business in a healthy manner. Tips and advice regarding management of the production factors and market circumstances and adapting to their environmental conditions have also been provided in a very easy to understand and simple a language through this book.

The kindle e-book is priced at only a minimum price of $2.90 only and it is available for you at this following link:

Kindle Book- "Economics for Beginners" 

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